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Tips to wrap up Ruffle sarees for a perfect look

The designs of ruffle sarees are winning the hearts of Indian as well as women at the international level who want to dress up with elegance. The trending fashion designers are making an effort to create a fusion with traditional sarees by giving contemporary western touch. We need to agree that ruffles or frills are not new to the world of fashion but now these are used differently to make an outfit elegant and chic. This ruffle style is being loved by the people since the era of the sixties and to date, it makes the fashion industry proud. This style is fit for both ethnic as well as western dresses. For women, it could be designed on a saree or a skirt and even on the blouse. But in recent time ruffle sarees are making its craze felt in the USA market.

Especially since the end of 2019, we can notice a huge demand for ruffle sarees in Texas. There is no doubt that the unique look and design of these sarees have stolen the heart of every woman. So, having at least one frilled saree in the wardrobe seems must for all. Starting from the Bollywood actresses to homemakers and even the fashionistas in Dallas and Texas region of USA madly love this saree. Just not for the uniqueness in its design but also for the fact that this saree looks awesome on all body types, be it plus size or zero figure. 


Ruffles sarees are available in various designs and colours. You can have them in black or white besides other attractive colours. Women are loving the net ruffle sarees which are available in stunning colours and designs. If you consider the techniques of wrapping ruffle saree, then you will see it’s not that difficult. Well, a few tips can help to make you look even more beautiful when you attend any event in ruffle sarees. 

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  • Choose candy colours: Ruffle sarees are available in different colours with various shades. Previously you may have noticed monotonic designs and colours on these sarees. But the recent trend is quite different and here you can get duotone in ruffle sarees. The candy colours are excellent for young ladies and they can flaunt their beauty in a sizzling manner. The classic candy colours will maintain the ethnicity in the overall look. Such feminine colours will fit every skin tone and thus will make the lady look gorgeous. Check the trending colours with online trusted stores dealing in ruffle sarees to pick the perfect piece for you.
  • Chose a dark tone for the slimmer look: Ruffle sarees have become popular among Bollywood celebrities to the homemakers. And the westerner ladies are loving it too. Hence the colours and patterns are picked in such a way that it can look stylish on a woman of all ages be it with the plus size or zero figure. If you want to look slimmer then go for the dark shades. Duotone colours with dark shades will give the perfect bodyline and you will get a stunning look. This way you can exhibit your style statement and will make yourself look slimmer in ruffle sarees. 
  • Mermaid style: Wearing a ruffle saree in mermaid style also makes a lady look very attractive especially in glamour events in the USA. It gives the saree a westerner look. However, this style statement is not at all new but still, even now it is loved by many. The concept of draping saree in this style of rich fabrics became popular in the celebrity world. You might have seen many popular actresses made their appearance in parties or promotions draping ruffle sarees in mermaid style. Now a day, even a homemaker can wrap herself in this particular fashion outfit during any family get-together or any occasion. The best part of this attire is that you will get them in many stores at a very pocket-friendly price.

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  • Selecting a ruffled blouse: On every occasion, women want to look their best and this seems easy with wrapping a ruffle saree and blouse. This saree is perfect to flaunt your beauty on every occasion. So, whether it is a festive celebration or family get-together, everywhere you can dress up in ruffle saree with a ruffled blouse. If you are wondering the ready-made blouses will suit your body or not then do not worry, there are many stores which have fashion tailors associated with them and can stitch the perfect piece of ruffle blouse to pair with ruffle saree for a perfect look.
  • The lehenga style ruffle saree: Wearing lehenga in a party or family function is quite common but lehenga style saree will add beauty to your style statement. This innovative idea to drape yourself in ruffle saree with lehenga like style will no doubt make your presence in the party eye-catching and will turn you the centre of attraction. This is not only a new or innovative idea but also a young lady in this style will give an ethnic look. Already ruffle style lehenga has become quite popular but this ruffled style lehenga saree is entirely different attire. In this particular style, the ruffles or frills are present in the hem and the border. No doubt this look is far fancier than previous lehenga saree look.


Hope you got a clear idea as to how you can dress up in ruffle style saree when you wish to attend any traditional or glittering evening event in the USA. You will be glad to know that you can have such sarees in various fabric and pattern. So depending on the fabric that suits you best and the pattern you like to go with you can make the selection of the ruffle saree of any of the reputed and trusted saree store online in the USA. Just one thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to have the required accessories with you which you need to add up with your selected ruffle saree for a complete sizzling look. Are you ready to rock the evening in stylish ruffle saree? Shop for your dream saree today.

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